School Meals

The cost of dinner money is going up to £1.80 per day, £9 per week.

As the summer holidays approach, we wanted to share our plans as to the Bolton Lunches project. As many will know, the government have committed to continuing the vouchers for the free school meals over the summer weeks whilst schools are closed.  As a result we have had an opportunity to re think how we do Bolton Lunches this year. We continue to live in unprecedented times where people of all walks of life have been impacted. Many have been furloughed, given reduced hour contracts or made redundant. For those who have suddenly been thrown into financial hardship, this can be an incredibly anxious and stressful time. There will be families who will be applying for benefits, universal credit and other support who have never had to before.  Our aim this summer is to focus our energy and resources to these families. Due to the government’s decision to extend the offer of vouchers for those receiving free school meals, Bolton Lunches will only be available for those who do not have this provision. If you are entitled to the free school meal vouchers and need further information as to how to access this, then please contact your local school.

The process for accessing the summer lunch provision is straightforward. The application is made by calling Local Welfare Provision on 01204 332772.  We at the Food Hub will receive the referral and will put together a weeks’ worth of lunches for each child who is in primary or secondary school.  Volunteers will deliver these weekly lunch parcels to families every Monday morning over the 7 weeks of the summer holidays (Monday 20th July- Friday 4th September).  The lunch pack will look different to how it has previously as we are able to offer more variety to be made at home.

If a family is in need of the Bolton Lunches provision, then they can contact Local Welfare Provision on 01204 332772 to apply to receive this support. You can also apply for a food parcel for the whole household, gas and/or electric if you are on a pre-payment meter or white goods/furniture through this number.

The heart of Bolton Lunches remains the same: that no child should go without a lunch over the summer weeks and families should be supported as best as possible to be able to provide those lunches for their children.

Our society may look very different but the core of our community remains resolute, to look after one another so that together we can stand the toughest challenges of our time. This is the Power of One and this is the power of community. If you are interested in getting involved, then please contact our offices on 01204 385848. We will take your name and contact number and then contact you back about when you can be involved. If you are wanting to make a financial contribution to Bolton Lunches, then please visit our website at to see how you can.

Stay safe and have a fantastic summer!

Thank you,

Samuel Bagley